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Nanita's Finest green chile and enchilada sauces made at Consuelo's New Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado have long been a standard to which other green chile sauces have been measured. For over a decade, our family recipe of new mexico style green chile and enchilada sauces has been enjoyed by local residents.

Our green chile sauce is so delicious that is has been the foundation for opening over 20 restaurants in Colorado and surrounding areas. All of our green chiles, jalapenos and red chili powder comes from the rich soils of New Mexico's "Hatch Valley". We are very proud to be offering our flavorful sauces nation wide. Order online today (FREE shipping) or pick up a jar at one of our retail locations.


Mild, Medium, and Hot spiciness

Price Increase

Nanita's Finest regrets to inform all of our loyal customers, that due to the rising costs of inflation our pricing structure has changed. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Green Chile Sauce

Enjoy our family recipe of thick and flavorful green chile sauce and choose your favorite spiciness: hot, medium (½ and ½), or mild.

3 - 16 oz. Jars  $43.99
3 - 32 oz. Jars  $51.99
6 - 16 oz. Jars  $59.99
6 - 32 oz. Jars  $72.99
12 - 16 oz. Jars  $84.99
12 - 32 oz. Jars  $129.99
Medium (1/2 & 1/2)
Variety Pack
(one of each flavor)

Enchilada Sauce

Rich in flavor and creamy in texture, our fine enchilada sauce will be sure to impress your friends and family.

3 - 16 oz. Jars  $43.99
3 - 32 oz. Jars  $51.99
6 - 16 oz. Jars  $59.99
6 - 32 oz. Jars  $72.99
12 - 16 oz. Jars  $84.99
12 - 32 oz. Jars  $129.99

Variety Packs

Create your own 3, 6, or 12-pack combination of sauces. Select the size of jar and the corresponding quantities of the sauces you would like. Prices are the same as those listed above.

16 oz. Jars  
32 oz. Jars  
Green Chile, Mild
Green Chile, Medium
Green Chile, Hot

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